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Portrait services

It's not just weddings! I offer a variety of photographic services for a wide range of clients, from family portraits to passport photos. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about my photography services.

Family portraits

At family get togethers, wouldn't it be great to get some good photos of everyone while you're all in one place?

I can come to wherever you're gathering and take a selection of photos you will be proud to share with your whole family. They don't have to be formal; in fact, I get the best shots when everyone is having fun and there's a bit of mischief!

Family portraits also make a great gift for relatives, especially grandparents and those living futher afield.

£70 for one hour shoot, five prints at 6" x 9" included

£90 for optional CD supplied with all photos taken in print-quality format (around 30 images total).

Promotional shots

Professional people require a professional image.

I offer a tailored service providing headshots, full length, casual poses and 'cut-out' images (on white or black backgrounds) with full licensing for use in print and online media.

200 for one hour shoot, CD with all photos taken in print-quality format included in price.

Photography for your business

I have lots of experience shooting in a corporate environment and an excellent understanding of the requirements for photographing your business.

Whether you need headshots of your management team, relaxed team photos or 'in situ' images of your people engaged in their daily work, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

You can also arrange for me to attend your off-site team building event, roadshow or trade fair.

370 per day, CDs supplied with all photos taken in print-quality format included in price.

Passport photos

If you require passport photos for a baby or small child I know how difficult it can be to get these sorted out.

Don't worry! I can come and visit you, bringing everything I need to take these important photos to the correct specifications, delivering the printed images in the correct format usually within 48 hours.

If you require photos for a foreign passport, visa application, work ID or permit I can also provide these for you.

Often, these photos are non-standard and have specific criteria – I have a database of passport agency rules for many countries, and can guarantee the photos I provide will be accepted.

15 for four images, professionally printed at the correct specifications and delivered to you.